Medical electricians keeping Bendigo’s hospitals and health centres running

When you think of summertime and holidays, you think of relaxing. But that’s not the case for people in emergency services, with the next month a busy period in hospitals and medical centres across the state.

And that means our medical electricians in Bendigo are always on call across the region to ensure that electrical systems are performing at optimum levels for patients and staff.

From back-up electricity to residual current devices for body-protected electrical areas, our professional electricians have the skill, knowledge and experience to respond to any emergency, maintenance or new installation needs across the healthcare sector.

Whether you are a patient hooked up to important electrical equipment in a hospital, sitting in a dentist’s chair waiting for the drill to sound for a filling, living in a nursing home or having an x-ray at a clinic, it is imperative to your health and wellbeing that any electrical systems in your vicinity are operating in peak condition. If power cuts out, or if there’s a fault, the consequences can be damaging.

Safety is paramount when dealing with electricity and that’s the approach our electricians in Bendigo region take with every job they tackle in the healthcare sector. All work is carried out to a high standard, in a timely manner. It’s also reassuring to know our on-call electricians will respond swiftly to any electrical emergency so your organisation can keep running smoothly and safely during this busy time of year.

If you are looking for quality medical electricians in Bendigo for your organisation, please contact us at Martlec Services for more information. We are here to help.