Respected industrial electrical contractors in Bendigo

Large industrial projects are like complex jigsaws, with thousands of small, intricate pieces that must fit together perfectly to make a complete picture.

But with Martlec Services, your leading industrial electrical contractors in Bendigo, on the team you can feel confident that your project’s electrical work will be carried out to a high standard. There’ll be no missing or misplaced ”pieces” with our professional electricians on the job.

So why are we industrial electricians of choice across the region? Well, for many reasons. Our staff are highly trained, experienced and skilled in industrial work. They’re prompt, work well as part of a big project team, pay strong attention to detail, are rigorous about safety standards and are available to deal with on-site emergencies around the clock, every day of the week. Put all these points together and that’s why we’re proven performers with a reputation as trusted industrial electrical contractors in Bendigo.

When you employ electricians for your industrial project – whether it’s a new development, equipment installation, maintenance or repairs – you also want them to have a large skill set and offer comprehensive services to cover any electrical issue that arises on the worksite.

We provide industrial services including: factory installations and fit outs; safety switches; earth leakages; machinery installation; circuit boards; industrial solutions; and testing and tagging for OH&S and WorkSafe Victoria compliance. Whether your project falls into Australian defence industries, mining, civil works or other contract areas, we can help.

Once your project is complete, it’s also important to add a maintenance program to the equation. Electrical equipment in industrial settings needs regular maintenance to work effectively and our team can carry out scheduled inspections and repairs to ensure everything keeps running at the optimum level.

If you are on the hunt for quality industrial electrical contractors in Bendigo, please contact us at Martlec Services for more information.