Medical & hospital electrician, Bendigo

We provide medical electricity for a range of practices in Bendigo and surrounding areas, including dental surgeries, doctors’ surgeries, x-ray clinics and nursing homes. Our capabilities extend to being certified and trusted hospital electricians too.

When you think about the medical industry they rely heavily on high-quality electrical installations, maintenance and services to ensure the safety of their patients. You can hardly afford for an electrical cut-out to occur mid-root-canal, or worse, during a complicated surgery! You need back-up electricity for every piece of equipment and the peace of mind that comes with 24-hour service.

The use of electricity so closely intertwined with human life poses heightened threat of electric shock if not managed properly. This is where body-protected electrical areas come in. Body-protected electrical areas are designed to signal areas where patients might be hooked up to electrical equipment and thus have an increased risk of electric shock.

This can be as simple as a patient hooked up to a saline drip! But caution is always exercised when you combine electricity and human life. Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are used in body-protected electrical areas to protect against the increased risk of electric shock. We install and maintain these devices and ensure appropriate signage for all body-protected areas.

The Martlec Services team are specially trained for dealing with hospital and medical equipment and electrical infrastructure, with a thorough understanding of safety and best practices.

For more information about our medical electrical services for practices and hospitals, please contact us. We have 24-hour electricians in Bendigo, on-hand to attend any sort of electrical emergency you might face.