Switchboard audit and upgrade in Bendigo

Does your switchboard need upgrading?

If it looks like the one pictured below then the answer’s `yes’. Switchboards are an integral part of electrical systems in homes and businesses across Bendigo and it pays to make sure they’re up to the task of protecting people and property.

Old switchboards, which often come with ceramic fuses, can pose an unnecessary risk of hazards including fire. They often don’t have safety switches installed and can struggle to cope with today’s higher electrical demand.

So how do you tell whether your switchboard needs an overhaul, or even replacement? A quick inspection will reveal whether it’s got ceramic fuses or circuit breakers. If it’s the former, the chances are that replacement is looming. If there’s no integrated safety switch, take action. If it’s too crowded and you need to add another circuit, call an electrician. If you’ve got any concerns at all, turn to a leading electrical contractor like Martlec Services.

A switchboard can often give hints that it’s struggling. Do your lights flicker constantly like a ’70s disco? Are you always dealing with annoying broken fuses? Do your circuit breakers trip regularly? If you are experiencing these issues, it’s well worth getting a licensed electrician to inspect your switchboard. Don’t leave it too late because the consequences can be terrible.

We live in a safety-conscious world today and that’s a good thing in many respects. It’s no different in the electrical industry, where safety is paramount and services including testing and tagging appliances are part of the mix. So it stands to reason that switchboards should be under regular scrutiny too.

If you have concerns about your switchboard, talk to an experienced electrician. If it looks like an antique, get it inspected because faulty switchboards can pose a serious hazard. Please contact us at Martlec Services and let our experienced Bendigo electricians advise you on the best course of action to take.