Expert testing and tagging for Bendigo businesses

Scheduled testing and tagging can save lives, so don’t put it off for another year at your Bendigo business.

It’s just not worth the risk. No employer wants their workers, or anyone visiting their premises, to be harmed by faulty electrical equipment or appliances. So take action, fulfil your OH&S obligations and call in Martlec Services’ qualified electricians to carry out a thorough safety inspection to test for damage and wear. Electricity has the potential to kill and the stakes are too high to put off this important testing process. There are fire-risk implications for your business too, with many blazes triggered by electrical equipment faults.

Our staff are experienced performers when it comes to testing and tagging Bendigo electrical equipment to WorkSafe Victoria’s compliance level, with the safety body advising that plug-in equipment falls under the obligations of AS/NZ 3760. That standard is accepted Australia-wide as the minimum safety standard for workplaces. With authorities actively enforcing the standard, it’s important that your business is fully compliant.

At Martlec Services we regularly carry out safety checks in businesses across Bendigo including shopping centres and offices. And those checks are comprehensive. From hot-water jugs to heaters, tools to computers and machines to microwaves, we’ve got you covered whether you have a factory or a fashion boutique. And once the testing’s done, you have peace of mind knowing that you are keeping your workforce, your clients, yourself and your building safe.

Our checks include a visual inspection to see whether there is any obvious damage to equipment and appliances. Then we carry out further tests to check for any problems that you simply can’t detect by sight alone.

Some items need checking more frequently than others. For example, WorkSafe Victoria recommends checking leads and tools on building sites every three months, factory-floor machines every six months and safety switches, monthly.

When it comes to testing and tagging Bendigo businesses rely on Martlec Services to keep employees, clients and the public safe. We’re respected testers and taggers of electrical items so please contact us and we’ll be happy to carry out a comprehensive safety check for you.