Do you have safety switches in your Bendigo home?

Safety switches are a key safety measure for Bendigo homes of all sizes. They can help save lives and property and that should make them a vital inclusion on every homeowner’s list of `important things’ for their family home.

Electricity is a wonderful thing. We rely on it for many aspects of our lives. It’s changed our lives. But when things go wrong – perhaps through old and damaged wiring, defective appliances or accidents – the results can be dangerous and even deadly. While common sense is critical when dealing with electricity, governments, industry leaders and electricians know safety switches are a crucial tool in keeping people, possessions and property safe.

So what do safety switches actually do? In basic terms, they are like guards monitoring your Bendigo home’s electrical circuits. And those `guards’ can rapidly shut down the power once they detect a fault on the circuit such as a small loss of electricity. Their reaction time is impressive – even 0.03 of a second impressive.

Martlec Services’ professional team of Bendigo electricians has wide experience when it comes to installing safety switches and carrying out scheduled maintenance on these important devices. We can advise you about the best type of safety switch to install, the best site for installation and the number you need to keep your family protected from electric shock and your home from potential damage including fire.

These all-important safety switches – on power and lighting circuits – are mandatory in all new homes across the state and in properties that have undergone major renovations. But if you have an older home, then it’s well worth calling Martlec Services to install a safety switch for peace of mind and better protection. Switchboard and power point safety switches must be installed by qualified professionals. You can also get portable safety switches, which are great when you are working with electricity in situations including work sites, garages and sheds.

Energy Safe Victoria estimates that over 60 per cent of homes across the state possess safety switches. The question you need to ask is whether your Bendigo home is part of that mix.

When it comes to installing safety switches Bendigo people can trust the team at Martlec Services to get the job done quickly and correctly. Please contact us for more information on this vital electrical safety device for your home.