Common electrical problems in summer

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Summer is fast approaching – with only 48 days until Christmas we are well and truly on the cusp of warmer weather! And as wonderful as the warm and balmy days are, they also place an increased demand on many of the appliances we regularly rely on at home such as our air conditioning system and refrigerator. In addition to summer being peak season for electricity use, it is also a prime time for lightning storms.

Both the warmer weather and lightning storms can play havoc with the voltage in our home and as a result with our biggest-ticket electrical appliances such as the air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer and big-screen televisions. One reason why these high-powered devices are affected is that they are working at full capacity during the heat. A lot of energy is required to keep the motors and compressors running and this can in turn have a detrimental impact on the flow of voltage through your electrical system.

First things first, make sure the home and contents component of your insurance policy covers these items! If the unthinkable happens and you are adversely affected by a power surge, whether caused by either a thunderstorm or a break in the steady flow of electricity, it’s good to know you are covered by insurance to replace these items.

Secondly, install surge protectors on these major items in your home. These will divert any extra electrical surge away from the appliance and prevent any damage.

To find out more about how you can ensure your home is protected from potentially damaging power surges, contact the electrician Bendigo relies on for professional and prompt service – Martlec Services.