Medical electricity for dental surgeries in Bendigo

Medical electricity Bendigo

Martlec Services provides medical electricity for commercial developments in Bendigo and district. We recently completed the refurbishment of a dental surgery, ensuring they have reliable electricity for their dental equipment.

At first, dental surgeries might not appear to have the same amount of wires, cords, monitors, power points and more that you typically see in a hospital room, but when you think about it they are in fact extensively equipped with electrical equipment.

When you visit a dentist you sit in a chair that is adjustable in height and tilt powered by electricity, the dental nurse updates your records on a computer, your teeth are polished with an electric-powered brush, “suction” and dental drills require power. Electricity is vital to the running of any dental surgery and Martlec Services proudly provides installation and scheduled maintenance to ensure your practice runs smoothly at all times.

If you’re part-way through a filling, root canal or veneers, you can’t afford for the power to cut out. It is detrimental to the reputation of your practice and the health of your patients. We will ensure your dental surgery has adequate back-up power in the event of a power surge or cut-out.

For medical electricity in Bendigo and district, please contact us.