Testing and tagging services for Bendigo clients

When it comes to testing and tagging, Bendigo businesses must be vigilant.

Letting this important aspect of your business slide puts your employees at risk of injury and death from electrocution. It also puts you, the business owner, at risk of penalties including fines and even imprisonment.

It pays to be compliant with WorkSafe requirements. It’s as simple as that. And by getting a professional team in to handle the necessary work, you can rest assured you’ve played an important role in keeping your staff and your business safe.

At Martlec Services, we have years of experience in delivering the professional testing and tagging Bendigo clients rely on to keep them compliant with relevant Australian Standards and their staff safe.

So what is testing and tagging, and what does it involve? Well, testing and tagging is where qualified people carry out regular inspections on plug-in appliances and equipment to keep workplaces safe. Taking place across a wide range of industries including construction, manufacturing, retail and medical, experts carry out a visual inspection for damage before using an appliance tester to check each item electrically. Items undergoing testing include kettles, tools, cooling fans, computers and more.

Keeping workplaces safe

The highly-qualified and licensed electricians at Martlec Services have years of experience in carrying out testing and tagging in Bendigo. While it is an integral component of our electrical maintenance schedules for many clients, we also offer it as a stand-alone service.

Our electricians can swiftly identify problems including frayed cords, current leakage, faulty safety switches and other electrical faults. It’s all about keeping workplaces safe from electrical hazards and employers compliant with WorkSafe regulations.

Business owners want staff to be safe at work. They want them to go home to their loved ones in good health when it’s time to knock off for the day. And they know that keeping up to date with testing and tagging requirements is an important part of the safety picture.

So is expert inspection central to your electrical maintenance schedule? Do you get your safety switches checked monthly or your building-site equipment tested every three months? What about the appliances on your factory floor?

Let our skilled and efficient electricians deliver a high-standard testing and tagging service at your Bendigo workplace to reduce the risk of electrical hazards. Please contact our team on 0400 541 000 to book a time today.