The importance of testing and tagging for Bendigo businesses

Martlec Services provides comprehensive testing and tagging for Bendigo businesses to prevent electrical faults and hazards. As part of our electrical maintenance schedule for many of our clients, we can set up a testing and tagging schedule that ensures your electrical appliances are safe and you are compliant with all relevant regulatory safety standards.

Whether the required testing and tagging interval is three months, six months, or yearly, we will ensure your testing and tagging needs are carried out.

We are lucky enough to support clients in a range of industries, with our team carrying out testing and tagging in everything from office spaces to warehouses, factories, and even hospitals. In the modern age, most businesses are completely reliant on their electrical appliances and infrastructure, the process of testing and tagging is used to ensure that these appliances are firstly safe to use, and secondly are operating effectively.

Testing and tagging are critical for both compliance and the safety of your team. Many of the issues that cause electrical faults cannot be seen by the naked eye, meaning it’s important to get the assistance of a qualified electrician to properly test your electrical systems, ensuring everything is working properly and repairing potential fault causes.

Contact us to find out more about our testing and tagging services for Bendigo businesses, we have an experienced and highly skilled team that will ensure your business is properly protected against electrical faults.