Avoid electrical fault disaster with Bendigo Electricians

The warmer weather serves as a timely reminder to ensure that electrical wiring is safe and working effectively to prevent electrical faults that can result in dangerous fire hazards. Our Bendigo Electricians can come out and assess whether your home or business is at risk, preventing potentially serious injury to your family or employees.

This is particularly important with the warmer and dryer weather during the summer period, making it all too easy for fires caused by electrical faults to spread quickly and threaten your home or business. In 2016 a fire caused by an electrical fault tore through a baseball clubroom in Bendigo, destroying valuable equipment and facilities. This emphasises the importance of having old wiring replaced and checked regularly, especially during summer as a blaze can easily spread in the dry environment.

Martlec electricians in Bendigo can replace old, potentially faulty wiring and provide testing and tagging for all electrical appliances, ensuring you are compliant with Worksafe Victoria standards. We provide domestic, industrial, commercial and medical services for Bendigo and Central Victoria, and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies. Electrical faults can occur for a variety of reasons, whether it be damaged wiring or faulty equipment. The most effective step you can take to ensure all electrical appliances and infrastructure is safe and reliable is to have a licensed electrician carry out inspections on a regular basis.

Electrical faults are increasingly common in older buildings as dated wiring and electrical systems attempt to cope with the energy demands of modern technology. Our Bendigo electricians are here to assist you with any potential hazards or problems you may come across in your home or business.

If you suspect that your wiring is old, faulty or unsafe please do not hesitate to contact Martlec electricians for any problem, big or small.