Your underground cable detection experts in Bendigo

Whether you want to build a town house or a shopping centre, it’s vital you know what utilities lie beneath the surface before you start excavating.

And when we say `vital’ we’re not exaggerating. The ramifications of getting it wrong can be costly in terms of life and injury, repair bills and lost time. That’s why it makes perfect sense to call in a specialist team for underground cable detection in Bendigo – such as Martlec Services – to keep your project and your workers safe and on schedule.

Our experienced and qualified electricians now offer cable detection services for a huge range of projects including new homes, landscaping, industrial excavations and builds, hospital developments and office complexes. If you need `Dial before you Dig’ plans, we can help there too.

With many utilities buried out of sight underground including power cables, gas and water pipes and optic fibre cables, you need to know exactly what is where before any digging occurs. Our team uses the latest cable locator technology to paint a clear picture for project leaders, allowing them to carry on their excavation and construction work safely, armed with the facts, not guess work.

Damaging a high-voltage power cable or a gas pipe can have devastating consequences in terms of people’s safety. No-one wants that scenario on a work site. But slicing through telecommunications cables or smashing water pipes can also cause major problems, slowing down projects and triggering increased labour costs as repairs are carried out. With the pressure of deadlines and budgets, it pays to avoid unpleasant underground surprises by calling in the professionals.

For reliable underground cable detection Bendigo region clients can trust our team to deliver a quality job so you know exactly what’s in the ground prior to any excavation. We can help ensure building and excavation projects, be they domestic, industrial or commercial, are completed safely. And it all starts with knowing what’s under your feet.

So before you dig, contact us at Martlec Services. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our underground cable detection services in Bendigo will help keep your workers safe and your project on track.