Bendigo, what are your testing and tagging requirements?

Regular testing and tagging in Bendigo is not only required for WorkSafe compliance, but it’s a crucial safety measure to protect everyone on your premises.

So what actually is electrical testing and tagging? Put simply, it describes the visual inspection and electrical testing process that must be carried out on appliances and equipment to check it is not damaged or faulty. Without regular testing and tagging, businesses will fail to meet strict compliance regulations and standards that exist to keep people safe at work.

Whether you run an office, a factory, a light industrial business or a workshop, you have a responsibility to abide by the important testing and tagging regulations. It’s all about keeping your staff, and others who visit your workplace, safe from harm. Faulty electrical equipment and appliances, be it a kettle’s frayed power cord or a malfunctioning CNC machine, can lead to devastating injuries including death as well as the risk of fire. And they are scenarios no employer wants happening at their workplace.

When it comes to testing and tagging Bendigo clients can turn to our trusted team at Martlec Services for quality work. We’ve been carrying out a comprehensive testing service for years, helping keep workplaces safe across the region.

If you’re not sure how often your equipment should be checked, then we can advise you on the best schedule to ensure you abide by WorkSafe regulations and standards.

For example, WorkSafe recommends clients get safety switches on their premises tested every month. Did you know that? When it comes to tools and equipment on the factory floor, schedule in a half-yearly inspection. Offices have to abide by the rules too – with equipment including kettles, heaters and cooling systems needing to go through the test-tag process every three to five years.

So don’t delay when it comes to ensuring your business is fully compliant. Contact us at Martlec Services. We’ve been carrying out quality testing and tagging for Bendigo clients for years and we’re here to assist.