Signs that it’s time for rewiring your Bendigo home

If your home is giving you hints there are problems with its electrical systems, then rewiring your Bendigo property could be a decision that saves you future heartbreak.

Old, faulty and deteriorating wiring is a common cause of house fires across the nation. So it pays to keep an eye out for indications of any electrical problems and take immediate action to reduce the danger of fire or electrocution.

At Martlec Services, our qualified electricians have a wealth of experience when it comes to successfully rewiring Bendigo and district homes. We urge people to call our team if they notice electrical problems including:

  • Safety switches that keep tripping.
  • A burning smell in your home, emanating from outlets.
  • Lights that keep flickering or dimming
  • Scorch marks or stains on your power points.
  • And receiving electric shocks when you plug in or unplug any electrical device such as a toaster. Even the slightest tingle should make you pick up the phone immediately and dial an electrician.

A need for a rewire is much more common in older houses, where electrical wiring was installed at a time when there was less demand for power. Now, with our heavy reliance on electrical appliances, some older systems just can’t cope with the demand from the large array of modern devices we use in our everyday lives. And if you’re about to add a big, new appliance to your home, which will consume even more energy, then it’s worth asking our talented electricians whether you’ll need a dedicated circuit for it.

Martlec Services handles rewire work in a range of situations including extensions and renovations and general upgrades. And we can also inspect your property and offer advice about whether an electrical upgrade is necessary.

When it comes to rewiring Bendigo homes, our crew has you covered. Please contact us at Martlec Services if you think your home is showing signs that its electrical systems need an overhaul.