Rewiring your Bendigo home

If you’re renovating an old home or have just bought an established one, you need to look under its skin to find out whether it needs rewiring.

And to do that, you need a qualified and experienced electrician you can trust. At Martlec Services, we are experts in rewiring Bendigo homes. We know faulty or old wiring is a common cause of house fires and that, by inspecting your home’s electrical system and carrying out work if needed, we can help prevent a potential tragedy from happening.

Buying a house is the biggest purchase most people make in their lives. So it pays to protect that asset. Making sure you only hire qualified and experienced electricians such as the Martlec Services team gives you confidence the work will be carried out to a high level and comply with all relevant Australian standards

If the house in question is more than three decades old, the chances are its wiring will need attention. Electrical systems can deteriorate over time, with brittleness and pests taking a toll. And then there’s the fact that today’s lifestyles are demanding more and more capacity from a home’s wiring network as we install an ever increasing amount of appliances that rely on electricity. So it’s not surprising that old systems simply can’t carry the load adequately and may need an overhaul.

And if you’ve noticed small signs that something is amiss, such as dimming lights or discoloured outlets, then don’t delay making the call to a quality electrician.

Please contact us at Martlec Services for an inspection to see whether rewiring your Bendigo home is necessary. We can offer professional advice about the best approach to take for your electrical system and install a new one if it’s needed.