Energy Safe Victoria: Safety switches save lives

safety switches bendigo

Based in Bendigo, our electricians service homes across the region, ensuring they are as safe as possible for all residents. Hair dryers, toasters and other electrical appliances in your home can cause electric shock Рsometimes it may be the appliance itself if it is faulty or old, the wiring in your home may need attention, or maybe an accident has occurred.

Electric shocks can cause serious injury or even death – but safety switches save lives. They detect a problem before it leaves the source and cuts off the power to greatly reduce the chances of electric shock.

If you don’t have safety switches in your home, Martlec Services strongly recommends you have them installed as a matter of urgency. With a 0.03 second reaction to electric faults, there is no better protection against unpredictable faults and accidents. Our domestic electricians service Bendigo and surrounding regional Victoria, please contact us to book an installation or for maintenance.

More information from Energy Safe Victoria (ESV): Safety switches save lives