Bendigo testing and tagging

Martlec Services is an electrical consultation business in Bendigo that can perform all testing and tagging to the compliance level required by WorkSafe.

WorkSafe Victoria advises that electrical safety testing and tagging for all plug-in equipment falls under the general obligations of Section 21 (2) (a) of the Act. In some workplaces (for example, all government departments) it is considered more or less mandatory that all electrical equipment be tested and ‘tagged’ on a regular basis.

The Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC) has been advised that WorkSafe Victoria is now “actively enforcing the standard and inspecting all types of premises to confirm introduction of minimum safety testing programs consistent with AS/NZS 3760.” The standard applies to all types of electrical equipment in offices, factories and so on (i.e. tools, machines, heaters, computers, kettles, jugs and cooling fans).

Below is a general guide on how often your electrical appliances should be safety checked, tested and tagged to remain WorkSafe compliant:

  • equipment, including tools and leads, on building sites: at least every quarter
  • safety switches: monthly
  • factories/equipment/machinery/tools on ‘the floor’: every six months
  • offices (including offices in factories): every three to five years.

Ensure your commercial or industrial workplace is WorkSafe. Please contact us to organise a comprehensive and thorough testing and tagging regime. Do you have an electrical emergency? We provide 24 hour electrical services.