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Specialist commercial electricians helping your business to achieve WorkSafe compliance

December 22 2018

As an employer, ensuring your business is fully compliant with WorkSafe regulations is vital. Whether you are a provider of health services, a retail store owner or manage a large office, the consequences of not meeting industry safety standards can be financially crippling for many businesses and deadly for the people working within them. Enlisting…

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Tips for selecting an electrician for your Bendigo home

October 31 2018

Different homes have varying electrical needs. And that’s why it’s important to make sure you choose a suitable electrician to carry out work in your Bendigo home. Whether you have a cottage with many decades of character to its name, a house undergoing a major renovation or a new build on the go, you want your…

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Golden Square’s testing and tagging experts

August 31 2018

Testing and tagging on plug-in electrical equipment is necessary for a workplace to be compliant with relevant WorkSafe regulations. And because every boss has a responsibility to keep staff safe, it’s vital to make sure owners and managers are up-to-date with these important checks in their businesses. The checks are all about keeping people and…

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Professional electricians for your Bendigo home

May 29 2018

Whether you are buying a new home or renovating your current property, our domestic electricians in Bendigo are sure to impress. Bendigo’s housing market is on the rise, with Australian Bureau of Statistics data, builders and real estate agents reporting strong demand for dwellings in the popular central Victorian city and surrounding areas. And with…

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Pre-holiday tips from our domestic electricians in Bendigo

February 28 2018

There’s so much preparation to be done before you go on vacation. While you’ve got to empty the fridge, pack your bags, the kids and the car, what have you done to prepare your home for your weeks away? Before the vacation begins, here are a few tips from Martlec Services’ experienced domestic electricians in…

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Avoid electrical fault disaster with Bendigo Electricians

January 12 2018

The warmer weather serves as a timely reminder to ensure that electrical wiring is safe and working effectively to prevent electrical faults that can result in dangerous fire hazards. Our Bendigo Electricians can come out and assess whether your home or business is at risk, preventing potentially serious injury to your family or employees. This…

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Bendigo electricians complete Sunshine Hospital project

October 30 2017

At Bendigo-based Martlec Services our electricians love getting their teeth into great projects like Sunshine Hospital’s food court refit. The Melbourne project is the latest in a list of electrical installations we’ve successfully completed for medical industry clients. Our Bendigo electricians take pride in carrying out work to a high standard and we reckon the…

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Testing and tagging specialists in Bendigo

August 29 2017

If you need professional electricians to ensure your Bendigo business meets important testing and tagging standards, Martlec Services has you covered. Our experienced electricians know compliance in this area is not a matter of red tape. Instead, it’s a matter of safety, of protecting employees and clients from electrocution risk and property from damage such…

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Your underground cable detection experts in Bendigo

April 30 2017

Whether you want to build a town house or a shopping centre, it’s vital you know what utilities lie beneath the surface before you start excavating. And when we say `vital’ we’re not exaggerating. The ramifications of getting it wrong can be costly in terms of life and injury, repair bills and lost time. That’s…

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Our quality domestic electricians have Bendigo covered

March 29 2017

Electricity plays an integral part in keeping our homes running smoothly. From the minute we turn a light on in the early morning to switching off the TV or boiling the kettle for a cuppa before we go to bed at night, it powers our lives. At Martlec Services, our experienced Bendigo domestic electricians play…

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