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Testing and tagging specialists in Bendigo

August 29 2017

If you need professional electricians to ensure your Bendigo business meets important testing and tagging standards, Martlec Services has you covered. Our experienced electricians know compliance in this area is not a matter of red tape. Instead, it’s a matter of safety, of protecting employees and clients from electrocution risk and property from damage such…

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Your underground cable detection experts in Bendigo

April 30 2017

Whether you want to build a town house or a shopping centre, it’s vital you know what utilities lie beneath the surface before you start excavating. And when we say `vital’ we’re not exaggerating. The ramifications of getting it wrong can be costly in terms of life and injury, repair bills and lost time. That’s…

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Our quality domestic electricians have Bendigo covered

March 29 2017

Electricity plays an integral part in keeping our homes running smoothly. From the minute we turn a light on in the early morning to switching off the TV or boiling the kettle for a cuppa before we go to bed at night, it powers our lives. At Martlec Services, our experienced Bendigo domestic electricians play…

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Respected industrial electrical contractors in Bendigo

January 31 2017

Large industrial projects are like complex jigsaws, with thousands of small, intricate pieces that must fit together perfectly to make a complete picture. But with Martlec Services, your leading industrial electrical contractors in Bendigo, on the team you can feel confident that your project’s electrical work will be carried out to a high standard. There’ll…

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Medical electricians keeping Bendigo’s hospitals and health centres running

December 20 2016

When you think of summertime and holidays, you think of relaxing. But that’s not the case for people in emergency services, with the next month a busy period in hospitals and medical centres across the state. And that means our medical electricians in Bendigo are always on call across the region to ensure that electrical…

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Bendigo cabling services prepare your business for the holiday period

November 30 2016

As Bendigo businesses brace for the busy summer holiday period, it’s worth asking whether your cabling systems will cope with the increased demand. Efficient cabling is a vital part of businesses, from big to small, nowadays. Every organisation needs a quick, reliable flow of information and that’s what quality cabling provides. Having that information highway fail…

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Bendigo, what are your testing and tagging requirements?

October 31 2016

Regular testing and tagging in Bendigo is not only required for WorkSafe compliance, but it’s a crucial safety measure to protect everyone on your premises. So what actually is electrical testing and tagging? Put simply, it describes the visual inspection and electrical testing process that must be carried out on appliances and equipment to check…

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Professional underground cabling for Bendigo businesses

September 21 2016

Underground cabling is essential for Bendigo’s varied businesses in today’s competitive and efficiency-driven world. From primary and secondary schools to hospitals, commercial premises and industrial properties, cabling forms an integral part of their infrastructure. And without it, chaos can reign. Whether you need to power computers or complex equipment, communications systems or data, underground cabling…

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Bendigo electrical contractors make industrial projects easy

August 28 2016

If you’ve got an industrial project on the go, you want the best tradies possible on site to ensure a great result. Our Bendigo electrical contractors combine a wealth of experience, attention to detail and safety awareness with every industrial job they tackle, delivering high-quality electrical solutions you can trust. At Martlec Services, we’ve been…

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Signs that it’s time for rewiring your Bendigo home

July 29 2016

If your home is giving you hints there are problems with its electrical systems, then rewiring your Bendigo property could be a decision that saves you future heartbreak. Old, faulty and deteriorating wiring is a common cause of house fires across the nation. So it pays to keep an eye out for indications of any…

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