Electricians helping Bendigo deliver elite health care

Specialist electricians like Martlec Services play an integral role in helping health care providers offer their services to people across the Bendigo region.

Whether you run a dental clinic, a medical centre, a hospital or a nursing home, you need electricians in Bendigo that are specially trained to provide premium electrical installations and reliable and expert maintenance where safety is paramount.

Just think of the health care technology that relies on electricity. From X-ray machines to saline drip equipment, dental drills to heart monitors, all need a reliable supply of power to run and back-up power too. After all, no-one wants to deal with a power outage in the middle of a procedure either in the dentist’s chair or the hospital theatre.

In a workplace such as a hospital, the mix of electricity and people are closely tied. Equipment powered by electricity is part of daily treatments and procedures. And if something goes wrong, the consequences for patient and staff safety can be extremely serious.

At Martlec Services our experienced team of electricians in Bendigo offers quality services to the health care industry. We are highly trained to ensure all equipment is working optimally for patients, allowing health specialists to deliver the best care possible.

Whether it’s working in a hospital’s body protected areas –  where patients with electrical equipment hooked to them have a heightened risk of electrical shock – or on a new electrical installation in a nursing home, our electricians will deliver quality results.

And because we offer a 24-hour emergency service, we can help with any electrical problems no matter what hour of the day it is, or day of the week.

From a dental clinic to an aged-care centre, Martlec Services’ highly-skilled team has you covered. We are also happy to provide ongoing electrical installations, repairs and maintenance for hospitals across the region.

For experienced, reliable and prompt electricians Bendigo health care providers can contact the trusted team at Martlec Services for assistance.